Can I Sue my Spouse for Car Wreck Injuries in North Carolina?

For most people married people, the person they will spend the most time driving and riding with in the car is their spouse.  While we all wish that our respective spouses were perfect drivers who would never become distracted while driving or drive too fast in bad weather, everyone makes mistakes while driving from time to time.  Sometimes, those mistakes lead to accidents that cause serious injuries, for either you or your spouse.  When these mistakes happen, not only do the injuries themselves cause stress on the family, but long-term injuries can cause significant financial stress as well.  So can, and should, you sue your spouse if you’re injured in a car wreck in North Carolina? If you’re injured in a collision in which your spouse is at fault, most people’s first instinct would not be thinking about whether they can sue their negligent spouse.  That’s natural—you are members of the same household, and likely share your finances and expenses.  Also, we all know that our spouses did not intentionally hurt us; the accident was just a regrettable mistake.  However, a serious collision can result in serious bills and expenses that need to be paid.  So, what are your options

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