Should I hire an attorney?
We are often asked by people, "Should I hire an attorney, I've done nothing wrong?" Others ask, "Should I hire an attorney, I'm guilty and there is probably nothing that can be done?" These are legitimate questions that can generally be answered very concisely. The prosecutors' job is to prosecute you and cases like yours. They do not represent you. Although many prosecutors are genuinely nice individuals, they rarely seek out information that would be helpful only to you. That is why you need a lawyer to investigate your case, find out about you, and then, tell your story and fight for you.

Do I need a lawyer even if haven't been charged with anything?
Sometimes law enforcement officers will ask to interview people prior to taking out formal charges. Other times they ask to interview folks as part of their investigation. Either way, we always suggest that you have a lawyer present when speaking to police. Know your rights before making a statement that could later be used to prosecute you. Have an attorney there to make sure that you know the law. Also, an attorney can be present to make sure your statement is not taken out of context or misconstrued. Other times, an attorney may advise you not to say anything at all. Don't take a chance, consult an attorney first.

Why should I choose Melrose Law to represent me in my criminal matter?
Melrose Law represents individuals charged with all types of offenses. Attorney Mark Melrose has represented numerous clients charged with murders, rapes, sex offenses and larcenies. Although we have the experience to accept these types of cases, we are equally dedicated to clients charged with drug offenses, DWI's and other minor misdemeanor offenses. Although we may have several cases over time, this may be the only case that you ever have. That is why we treat each case with the utmost importance, always returning phone calls and treating you with professionalism that you would expect.

Can a Attorney Mark Melrose of Melrose Law help me understand my case?
The North Carolina criminal statute is very complicated. From structured sentencing to mandatory active sentences, it is very easy to be intimidated by the legal jargon. Mark Melrose, former senior partner at Melrose, Seago & Lay can often simplify the process by couching things in easy to understand terms like "best case and worst case scenario." Our job is to help you understand your situation and then let you know how we think we can help. We hope that you never leave our office more confused than when you came in.

How much do you charge for a consultation?
Generally, we do not charge for a consult if you have pending criminal charges in Western North Carolina. We do typically charge a small consult fee for advice not directly related to specific charges. We can tell you over the phone whether there would be any charge.

Where do I go for a consult?
For your convenience we offer consultations at our Waynesville and Asheville offices and over the phone, if necessary

What are your fees to represent me?
Our fees are reasonable and competitive. Although you may be able to find "cheaper" attorneys, we believe that our "team" approach, experience and reputation justify reasonable compensation. We provide an exact quote at the time of our consultation and don't ask for more, just because your case takes longer or turns out to be more difficult then we expected. We gladly accept Visa and Mastercard for your convenience.

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