At Melrose Law we have handled many successful cases where patients, both adults and children, are misdiagnosed when suffering from acute appendicitis. When this occurs, the infection in the appendix will continue and eventually rupture or perforate. At that point what would have otherwise been an uneventful laparoscopic surgery to remove the inflamed appendix can become a devastating and even life threatening infection. Unless caught immediately, it is common for a ruptured appendix to lead to abdominal peritonitis which can lead to sepsis. Patients who are misdiagnosed in the emergency room or by their family physician often suffer prolonged hospitalizations, and usually end up with an open large laparotomy incision running vertically up their entire stomach. There are often later hernias and certainly disfigurement as a result. Attorneys Mark R. Melrose and Kimberly Lay achieved one of the largest verdicts ever reported for a missed appendicitis in a wonderful 9 year old girl. She suffered unnecessarily and despite the defense efforts to appeal and delay, ultimately justice was served for young Jessica. Contact esteemed Attorney Mark Melrose at Melrose Law for a free consultation regarding a misdiagnosis of appendicitis or any other potential medical malpractice case. We can't take every case, but we will provide you our honest opinion about whether your case is one that can be pursued and won.

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