Business Civil Litigation

A Favorable Settlement in a first-party insurance fire loss case.  The insurance company denied the fire loss claim, saying the fire was intentionally caused by our client.  The case settled for a confidential amount after Mark Melrose and Adam Melrose filed suit on behalf of our client.

Mark R. Melrose won a new trial for our client in an opinion published by the North Carolina Court of Appeals. In the original trial Mr. Fisher had a substantial judgment awarded against him. Mr. Melrose proved that the trial court had erred in that the amount of the award of damages was not supported by the evidence and therefore the Court of Appeals vacated the judgment and remanded the case against Fisher for a new trial. Scheerer v. Fisher, 741 S.E.2d 926 (N.C. Ct. App. 2013)

A Favorable Settlement in a legal malpractice lawsuit and quiet title action surrounding the sale of real property to our client.  A neighbor later sued our client, arguing that restrictive covenants prevented our client from subdividing the property.  Melrose Law represented the client in both lawsuits and obtained favorable results in both cases.

A Favorable Settlement in a legal malpractice action where the previous attorney representing our client missed the statute of limitations deadline.  The dispute was settled for a confidential amount.

Jury Verdict for a Nail Salon represented by Mark R. Melrose in Waynesville (Haywood County). The salon was sued by a sushi restaurant in a strip mall accusing our client of causing noxious nail fumes to cause a nuisance in the adjoining sushi restaurant. After a week long trial the jury only needed 20 minutes to deliberate to rule in favor of our client. Mr. Melrose successfully excluded the sushi restaurant’s only alleged expert arguing to the court that this was nothing more than junk science. The restaurant had sought upwards of $100,000 in damages from our client.

Randy Seago achieved an excellent result for a disinherited son who challenged a holographic Last Will in favor of a neighbor. The client received a six figure settlement plus substantial acreage.

A distant family member of a recently deceased woman tried to probate a photocopy of an old will, claiming it to be a legally valid substitute. Aggie Guy and Randy Seago represented the woman’s children and persuaded the jury to return a verdict that did not validate the will, so that the children could inherit from their mother.

Melrose, Seago and Lay attorneys Mark R. Melrose and Kimberly C. Lay successfully defended an elderly couple and two family members, who had been victimized by the “overzealous” banking industry at the height of the real estate boom. Melrose, Seago and Lay attorneys were able to negotiate a very favorable outcome for this family and protect their “family land” from being taken by the lenders.

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$3.025 Million settlement by Mark R. Melrose and co-counsel in a medical malpractice case for 40 year old man who suffered a devastating stroke after his surgeon failed to diagnose the cause of his bowel infarction. The doctor failed to read the echocardiogram which had clear evidence of a blood clot. This clot then broke apart and caused the stroke.

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