Misread X-Rays and Other Scans

When a doctor or other health care provider decides that you need an x-ray or other medical diagnostic scan, such as an MRI or CT Scan, you expect for that test to be read and interpreted correctly. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors misread, or even fail to look at, a diagnostic scan. This failure to correctly interpret the test results can lead to serious injury or even death as the patient’s undiagnosed medical condition worsens.

If you or a loved one has been harmed as a result of misread or unread x-rays or other diagnostic scans, it is important that you reach out to an experienced medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible. Melrose Law has over thirty years of experience representing injured clients and their family members against medical providers and their insurance companies. It is always an uphill battle trying to recover compensation from insurance companies, and you will need experienced legal counsel to give you the best chance possible of recovering fair monetary compensation.

Risks of Misread X-Rays and other Tests

  • Late Discovery of Cancer, Stroke, or other emergent health conditions
  • Birth injuries
  • Amputation if an infection is not discovered in timely manner
  • Exacerbation of broken bones leading to unnecessary surgery
  • Death

Who is responsible for misreading or not interpreting x- rays or other test results?

There can be multiple people responsible for your or your loved one’s care who may be responsible if a test result is handled negligently. This can include your treating physician, hospital staff including radiologists or x-ray technicians, or the hospital itself if a policy or procedure lead to the missed test result. It is important that you reach out as soon as possible to an experienced medical malpractice attorney if you believe you or a family member has been injured as as a result of a misread or unread x-ray or other test result.

Medical malpractice lawsuits for a failure to correctly read or interpret medical tests can be difficult to prove, as the doctors and hospitals have powerful insurance companies whose entire purpose is to deny you the compensation that you are entitled to receive as a result of the doctor’s negligence. Melrose Law has extensive experience representing those injured by the medical negligence of doctors, hospitals, and their staff.

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Verdict Report

$3.025 Million settlement by Mark R. Melrose and co-counsel in a medical malpractice case for 40 year old man who suffered a devastating stroke after his surgeon failed to diagnose the cause of his bowel infarction. The doctor failed to read the echocardiogram which had clear evidence of a blood clot. This clot then broke apart and caused the stroke.

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