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Disclaimer: Each case is unique and Melrose Law’s results in previous cases do not guarantee a result in any other case.  If you were injured in an accident please Request a Consultation to get an individualized review of your case.

$6,150,000 Settlement for a personal injury case involving an explosion. 

$900,000 Settlement in a police excessive use of deadly force civil rights wrongful death lawsuit. This settlement occurred after successfully winning an appeal in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and after a hung jury 4 – 2 in the Estate’s favor. 

Mark Melrose and Adam Melrose won a $475,000 verdict in Franklin, NC (Macon County) for a 61 year old man injured by a drunk driver in a head-on motor vehicle collision.  The verdict was nearly 6 times the highest offer by the insurance company, and the result was reported in North Carolina Lawyers Weekly. (PDF Version)

$950,000 Settlement (the full insurance policy limits available for recovery) by Mark Melrose and Adam Melrose for the estate of a man killed when a tractor trailer driver lost control of their vehicle and overturned in an intersection of the road.

$300,000 Settlement (the full insurance policy limits) for the estate of a woman killed by the negligent discharge of a pistol modified to have a lighter trigger pull. 

$1,000,000 Settlement for the estate of a young child who drowned in a hotel pool.  The pool was improperly maintained and the water was cloudy due to overuse and improper cleaning, thereby making it impossible to discover the child’s plight.  North Carolina Lawyers Weekly wrote a report on the case.  

$175,000 Settlement for a woman injured after falling into a open car maintenance pit at a repair station.  An employee of the business had directed our client into the employees’ only area, and the business was therefore liable for her injuries.  

$1.85 Million Settlement by Mark R. Melrose and Kim Lay with other co-counsel for a man suffering multiple traumatic injuries when a logging truck overturned on a highway spilling logs onto the victim’s automobile.

$590,000 Settlement for an elderly woman injured when a tractor trailer changed lanes on I-26 and caused our client to lose control.  The truck driver denied liability, but an accident reconstruction expert hired by Melrose Law created an animation portraying how the accident occurred that resulted in a favorable settlement.

$300,000 policy limits settlement for a woman injured while riding on the back of a motorcyle when the driver lost control in a curve.  Initially, both insurance companies denied any responsibility for the damages, but after engaging the help of a South Carolina attorney, Mr. Melrose was able to persuade both carriers to pay all the available insurance money to the victim without protracted litigation.

Favorable Settlement for husband and wife injured when a drunk driver ran into the back of their stopped vehicle.  The insurance company for the Defendant was forced to pay extra punitive damages to punish the Defendant for driving while impaired.

A Favorable Settlement for a minor child who was injured while riding as a passenger.  She suffered a non-surgical injury to her liver, but made a full recovery.  Mark Melrose was able to obtain fair compensation for this child that included her pain and suffering related to the fear that she might have received a life-threatening injury.  Fortunately, that was not the case, but emotional damages can be greater than physical harm damages.

A Favorable Settlement for elderly gentleman injured while leaving a Huddle House restaurant.  Our client fell over a parking bumper that had been inexplicably painted the same blue color as a handicapped parking spot that made it hard for an older person to perceive the danger.  Photographs taken by Melrose Law of the scene were helpful in order to demonstrate the false illusion this paint job had caused.

$13,500 Verdict for a wonderful woman who was injured when the Defendant pulled out in front of her vehicle.  Our client had a long-standing history of back surgeries and back pain.  As a result, the Defendant’s insurance company tried to take advantage of her already frail preexisting condition by offering less than the fair value of her claim.  Mr. Melrose could not recommend that to his client, and even though this wasn’t a big case, every case is important to the victim.   By the time the dust settled, the Defendant’s insurance company not only paid more than what was previously offered, but also had to pay court costs, interest, and attorney’s fees on top of the verdict amount.  As a result, our client received twice what had previously been offered, and justice was served. 

$400,000 Verdict  for personal injuries on behalf of a kindergarten teacher who suffered a serious ankle fracture in an automobile wreck, far exceeding the insurance companies highest offer.

Mark R. Melrose won a automobile collision case for a young woman with knee injuries. The defendant insurance company (Nationwide) refused to make a reasonable settlement offer, so Mr. Melrose advised the client to go to trial. The jury awarded approximately twice Nationwide’s highest offer.

$285,000 settlement by Mark R. Melrose for 45 year old woman who suffered serious ankle fracture with surgery following a motor vehicle collision.

$200,000 settlement by Mark R. Melrose for the shooting of a middle aged woman.

After many years of neighborhood and law enforcement complaints regarding the design of a stretch of road in Macon County, a serious car crash that resulted from water pooled on the surface became the subject of a State Tort Claim against the DOT. Randy Seago represented the victim, a young woman who suffered serious injuries in the collision caused when a hydroplaning car hit her head on in her own lane, and successfully proved that the defective drainage of the road was to blame. The young woman recovered compensation from the State.

$185,000 settlement by Mark R. Melrose for a 6 year old child who suffered a serious femur fracture with surgery following a motorcycle collision.

$176,000 verdict by Mark R. Melrose on behalf of a young girl who was sexually molested by an older male family member which included $100,000.00 in punitive damages to punish the Defendant and make an example out of him in the community. (further details withheld to protect the child and her family)

Hill v. McCall, (North Carolina Court of Appeals) (2002) Ms. Hill, represented by Randal Seago, appealed an order denying her motion for a new trial. Hill had filed a complaint against Casey Blake McCall, alleging that his negligent driving was responsible for pain in her neck, back, and shoulders. She claimed that the judge’s instructions to the jury included a reference to a pre-existing injury that had not been supported by evidence presented in the trial, thereby improperly influencing the jury’s decision to award her a small settlement. Her appeal was granted, and the case was remanded for a new trial.

$125,000 jury verdict in Graham County by Randy Seago for a husband and wife injured in a car accident. Nationwide Insurance refused to offer a fair settlement, and this verdict was several times the adjuster’s highest offer. The clients both had preexisting medical conditions, but Mr. Seago was able to prove these were new injuries that deserved fair compensation.

$120,000 settlement by Mark R. Melrose for ankle fracture for 20 year old man involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Cabe v. Worley, (2000). Ms. Cabe, represented by Mark Melrose, filed a complaint against Woodward W. Worley, alleging Worley was responsible for her injuries due to his negligent driving. After more than 30 days had elapsed without responsive pleadings from Worley, a motion for entry of default against the Defendant was granted by the court. Following an evidentiary hearing, a judgment was entered against the negligent driver in favor of our client. The decision of the court not to set aside the entry of default was upheld in the Court of Appeals.

$75,000 settlement by Randal Seago for a shoulder injury suffered by a 58 year old man involved in a motor vehicle accident.

$10,000 settlement by Mark R. Melrose for a gentleman with minor injuries in a car accident, with significant damage to his customized Ford truck. Mr. Melrose was able to negotiate two times what the insurance adjuster was offering our client for his customized truck. Several months after this accident, client was hit as a pedestrian at a shopping center, by an individual with no insurance. Mr. Melrose was able to differentiate many pre-existing conditions, including the previous accident, find insurance coverage and negotiate a $38,000 settlement even though the client was unable to complete prescribed treatment due to family care issues

Substantial settlement for a woman who was the victim of alleged negligence in a Ingles supermarket. A customer had previously reported a spill to store personnel, but unfortunately the store employees failed to make an adequate search for the spill. Thirty minutes later our client fell and fractured her knee cap. Extensive depositions revealed the long period of delay in cleaning up the spill.

Sitton v. Cole, 135 N.C. App. 625 (1999). Ms. Sitton, represented by Mark Melrose, won a verdict at trial for injuries suffered due to the negligent driving of Rhonda Geneane Cole. Cole appealed the decision, arguing that a 1988 medical record of the Plaintiff had been improperly excluded. The Court of Appeals upheld the lower court’s decision and denied the appeal.

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$3.025 Million settlement by Mark R. Melrose and co-counsel in a medical malpractice case for 40 year old man who suffered a devastating stroke after his surgeon failed to diagnose the cause of his bowel infarction. The doctor failed to read the echocardiogram which had clear evidence of a blood clot. This clot then broke apart and caused the stroke.

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