Crime Victim

Mark Melrose has expertise and experience representing the victims of crimes in civil lawsuits to recover damages. He has successfully represented victims of child abuse, rape, sexual assault, physical assaults, drunk driving, and other criminal misconduct.

The loved ones of family members who have been killed also have the right to file claims for the wrongful death of the victim.

When a child is abused and victimized by a perpetrator, law enforcement and the District Attorney will prosecute the Defendant for his crimes. What is often missed or neglected is aggressive representation of the victim against the offender in a civil claim for the harm that has been caused.

Often offenders do not receive the punishment they deserve in criminal court. Melrose Law can fight to make sure that the Defendant is punished financially for all the harm that has been caused. This harm can often include physical injuries, medical expenses, pain and suffering, therapy, counseling, and permanent injuries.

These civil cases often include a claim for punitive damages to financially punish the Defendant, and to make an example of him for his misconduct.

Child abuse and sexual assault cases require sensitivity and understanding to make sure that a civil claim for compensation does not create any new harm to the victim. Our legal team makes sure that everyone involved remembers that the victim deserves to be treated with respect and dignity and that the system should provide relief for all the child or adult victim’s injuries and suffering.

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Verdict Report

$3.025 Million settlement by Mark R. Melrose and co-counsel in a medical malpractice case for 40 year old man who suffered a devastating stroke after his surgeon failed to diagnose the cause of his bowel infarction. The doctor failed to read the echocardiogram which had clear evidence of a blood clot. This clot then broke apart and caused the stroke.

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