Surgical Errors

When you need a surgical procedure, you trust that the surgeons, nurses and other medical staff will perform your procedure correctly. When surgical errors occur, the consequences can be devastating, not only physically, but also emotionally.

If you believe that you or a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice, call Melrose Law 800-222-2430 to discuss your case in a free consultation. Mark Melrose is committed to holding negligent physicians and medical staff accountable for their actions and getting you the highest level of restitution for your injuries, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Making Physicians Pay for Surgical Errors

When a surgeon fails to take proper care during your surgery, you could suffer serious lifelong consequences, and even death. Surgical errors can take many forms, including:

  • Performing surgery on the wrong part of the body
  • Injuring another organ
  • Leaving behind surgical instruments or sponges
  • Administering an incorrect dosage of anesthesia or other
  • Improper post-operative care

The lawyers at Melrose Law work with clients who have been injured while undergoing a wide range of surgical procedures, including laparoscopic gallbladder surgery. We have more than 30 years of experience representing victims of surgery mistakes, misdiagnosis and other types of medical malpractice.

While these types of cases are challenging to prove, they can be successful. North Carolina requires that a victim retain a doctor to review a medical malpractice case before you can file it in court. Melrose Law works with prominent medical experts to prove how the negligence occurred, and to litigate your malpractice claim to the fullest.

As a Waynesville and Asheville law firm that handles surgical error cases, our primary goal is getting you the compensation you need following a surgical accident. However, we also have a secondary goal: removing dangerous medical professionals from their positions so that other innocent people are not victims of their substandard care. The only way to get medical providers to change their negligent behavior is to get a monetary award against them. A large verdict often changes behavior.

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Not every complication from a surgery is medical malpractice, but you will not know whether you have a case without talking to an experienced lawyer who can evaluate and investigate your claim. You should call Melrose Law at 800-222-2430 for a free case evalatuion, and our lawyers will evaluate your claim and let you know if it is a claim that we can help you pursue. We do not collect legal fees unless we recover damages for you. We have two convenient North Carolina locations in Asheville (by appointment) and Waynesville.

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Verdict Report

$3.025 Million settlement by Mark R. Melrose and co-counsel in a medical malpractice case for 40 year old man who suffered a devastating stroke after his surgeon failed to diagnose the cause of his bowel infarction. The doctor failed to read the echocardiogram which had clear evidence of a blood clot. This clot then broke apart and caused the stroke.

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